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Curriculum Thread: Eco Activism

Contextual Feature: Concerns for the environment.

Desired Outcome for pupils:

  • Pupils who have a deep respect for their immediate environment and the wider world.
  • They are environmentally aware; confident to speak their truth and have an unwavering belief that they can make a difference, that they can act to make the world a better place, both in their personal habits and through environmental activism.
  • They know their individual impact in terms of what they use and what they leave behind.
  • They appreciate the beauty of nature and that solutions to the eco-emergency can be found in nature.
  • They understand that the relationship between humans and the earth is central to solving the crisis.
  • They appreciate the need for system change and have experienced taking direct action to try to bring about system change.
  • They are proud of their participation in several projects driven towards creating a sustainable future but know that their job is far from done.
  • They are informed – they know the facts regarding the current climate crisis.
  • They appreciate there are 4 main areas we need to tackle to improve sustainability and save the environment:- Energy, Transport, Food, Giving the land back to nature.
  • They show a personal commitment to improving these as well as a commitment to reaching out and convincing others.
  • They carry the fire.

Partners: Ecotricity, Bath Spa University, Paul Turner- Radical Geographer.

Thank you so much for your help and support with the Ministry of Eco Education!

We’re coming to the end of the 1st academic year with 15 pioneer schools. In September, we’ll launch with more than 100 schools. We’re excited what next year will bring and your plans for using more of the MEE materials.
Paul Turner – June 2022

P4C – Eco Curriculum How to BEE an eco warrior Powerpoint – by Daisy and Lucy Scoping Report by Paul Turner Ministry of Eco Education zoom meeting August 2021

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