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Reading on a page – Everything you need to know about reading at Minchinhampton Academy Class Reading Progression 7 Top Tips for Supporting Reading at Home Supporting Readers at Home

“Books crowbar the world open for you.” – Katherine Rundell

“Reading is the key that opens doors to many good things in life. Reading shaped my dreams, and more reading helped me make my dreams come true.” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Creating a life-long love of reading and books at Minchinhampton Academy is our aim for every child who walks through our doors. It is our belief that every child should want to read for pleasure, not only while they are with us, but beyond the school gates and into adulthood. We want to open up a treasure trove of wonder and joy for curious young minds. Of course every child needs to be given the tools to develop into an enthusiastic and confident reader. Reading improves language and vocabulary, inspires imagination and gives everyone the opportunity to develop and foster new interests.

Teachers nurture a love of books by placing reading at the centre of the curriculum, introducing new texts with enthusiasm and enjoyment, promoting a sense of wonder and expectation as the text is explored. The children at Minchinhampton Academy have access to a wide variety of high quality texts in dedicated class book corners. All teachers use quality texts in all aspects of their teaching across the curriculum and provide opportunities that extend and enrich the children’s learning. It is these tools and opportunities that we believe give our children the necessary skills to become thoughtful and and confident readers for life, which helps them in everything they do. We, as teachers, know this to be true as we have also been on this journey and are now passionate advocates for reading for pleasure. We know how life changing this can be and want it for all of our pupils.

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What our pupils say:

“We have been reading Podkin One-Ear in class and it is so good; I love the bits where the writer describes the sounds being made. The ending was great when Podkin fought Scramashank and chopped his leg off! The very last page was a shock when we found out who the bard was!”

“The best thing this year for me has been being able to read even more Michael Morpurgo books – I have collected so many more words for my writing from his books.”

“When we went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival I enjoyed listening to the authors explaining how they made their books. I liked WOW by Tim Hopgood the most.”

“On Tuesday this week Sky class were lucky enough to have a library session with Mrs Webb, who kindly set up a mobile bookshelf to share with us! Mrs Webb told us a lot about some of the books in our school library, like poetry books, picture books  and also a book that you could make up your own stories with. One of the books Mrs Webb showed us was ‘The Spider and the Fly.’ She talked to us about how the black and white illustrations helped with the spooky feeling of the poem, as well as the fly wallpaper and the furniture made out of dead flies! We also looked at the books ‘No Ballet Shoes for Syria,’ ‘Hate That Cat,’ ‘Granny Torrelli Makes Soup,’ ‘Wikd Boy,’  ‘Wonder,’ ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class,’ ‘Twelve Minutes to Midnight,’ ‘The Umbrella Mouse’ and much more.”

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