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Support for Families


What other Support Services are there?

To further help your child, our SENCO may request advice from a variety of services. The list is not exhaustive with the school actively seeking additional/alternative support when needed;

• Advisory Teaching Service, Educational Psychology Service, Education Inclusion Team, , Speech & Language Therapy, School Nursing Team, Paediatricians, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Families First Team.

Our SENCO is available to support and guide families who may be going through a difficult time and recognises the need to support the whole family in order to meet the child’s needs. Our SENCO will sign post families to further services if further support is required, organisations and charities such as these below.

We also run a Nurture Breakfast club for identified and invited children that we feel would benefit, which is generously funded by Ecotricity. The aim of nurture breakfast is to support students to have a positive start to their day. It is a time where child-to-child and child-to-adult relationships are positively fostered and reinforced. A healthy, well-balanced breakfast is provided following Ecotricity’s pledge to be more sustainable and vegan in their choices. This is a time to prepare students mentally and emotionally for the day ahead and can include:

  • Reinforcement of routines and class values through the sharing of a meal
  • Preparation for transitions
  • Soothing, calming activities and games
  • Topical discussions and celebrating successes

It also enables staff to have the chance to intervene with any worries or anxieties the student is experiencing before they start their school day.

We have preloved uniform and also support the Minchinhampton Community Pantry, having dry foods for those that need a little extra help feeding their family.

To find out more information please speak to our SENCO who will be happy to support you.


Click here to download our offer of early help Click here for helpful links for families Information about food, activities and wellbeing support in the area


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