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Vision: Examples of practice

‘People who have the wherewithal to shape their own life well’

moving forward together, everyone participating and no one left behind Mixed prior attainment teaching, Opportunities Culture, Adult Learning, Family Support, Mentoring, Curriculum Shows
to a sense of self-worth unconnected to what we produce, unconnected to success, recognition and approval Relationships Policy, Signature Strengths
building on our strengths rather than comparing ourselves with others Feedback Policy, Growth Mindset Culture, Strengths -led Curriculum, Positive Psychology Signature Strengths, Reflection journals, Learning Journals, Reflection Thursdays
having maximum impact early on School Ready Programme, Start Well Programme
wisdom borne out of knowledge of the world within as well as the world without Prayer, Jesus Top 10, Mindfulness , Yoga, Wellbeing Space, Knowledge Curriculum, Debating, P4C
using this wisdom to solve problems; to help us respond well when things go wrong; when we are faced with risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure; and help give us a sense of renewal and hope Mistakes Culture, Coaching Culture, Pastoral Support, Mentoring Programme, Relationships Policy, Relationships Charter, Peer Mediation, Restorative Practice‘surprise surprise , when my attitude became less adversarial, the people who didn’t see eye to eye with me in the beginning became far more willing to concede where they were at fault too.’ D McGarvey.
strong foundations in maths and English Talk for Writing, Power of Reading, Glow Maths, Mathematical Mindsets
reflecting deeply about the big questions in life as well as about ourselves and others Coaching Culture, P4C, Reflection journals, Learning Journals, Reflection Thursdays, Pupil Reports, RE days
leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and developing all round confidence Sport for All, Pastoral Support
a collaborative approach, recognising we are often better together: balanced carefully with opportunities for independence and self-reflection Talk Partners, Talk Curriculum, Philosophy for Children, Leadership Teams


‘People who take a delight in learning.’

the love of books Library, Portal Books, Core Books
the varied wealth of learning opportunities Clubs, Ethical Communities, Sports for All, Curriculum Journey
nurturing active, inquiring, attentive learners who go on to devour everything that this beautiful world can offer them Philosophy for Children, Outdoor Learning, Reading Culture, Action Research
knowledge that is inspiring: that is relevant and transformational; that gives joy, awe and wonder Curriculum Journey, Relationships Policy
fostering self-discipline, independence and perseverance as critical ingredients for feeling inspired Explore maths, Pupils in the planning process,
giving people autonomy in their learning and the confidence to take responsibility Reading Culture, Formative Learning
appreciating the thrill and beauty of creation Portal Books,
people feeling like anything is possible, that their lives are full of possibility, that there is hope Growth Mindset Culture


‘People who are compassionate, who appreciate the value and preciousness of each and every person and all life on earth.’

appreciating difference, not simply accepting it Assemblies, Ethical Communities, Appreciation Lectures, Other faiths trips,
taking responsibility for ourselves and others Responsibility Rota, Relationships Policy, Parenting Courses, Stop Think Choose, Peer Mediators, Play Leaders, Ethical Communities, School Council, Green Curriculum
humility, to relationships which are respectful and constructive Relationships Charter, Relationships Policy, Restorative Justice
developing emotional intelligence and growing empathy and compassion for others PSHE, Peer Mediators, Pastoral, Mindfulness,
honesty and trust in our dealings with ourselves and others Relationships Policy
community and a sense of belonging, to friendship and democratic participation Ethical Communities, School Council, Assemblies,
treating people with dignity: as human beings, not numbers or things Formative Learning Policy, Start Well

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