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Pupil Voice

A school obviously runs for the benefit of its pupils: every decision we make puts the needs of the children first. We therefore hold great store by ‘pupil voice’; by their opinions and concerns.



The School Council is a democratically elected body of pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6. They run their own class meetings and then report back to the Council, so giving all pupils a voice in the running of the school. Their tenure runs for a year. They have regular meetings with the head teacher, a budget and usually deliver on one key project each year.

“It’s good that it’s a chance for children of all ages to make decisions for the school and it will probably help them later in life to be able to make big decisions like this. It makes people want democracy rather than autocracy or dictatorship because everyone gets a say and they can be more free. It takes us a while and if you want to get more done, it can hold you up but if you want to go into it in more depth, taking longer and analysing all the pros and cons would give you the full picture about the decision you are making. People will know a lot more about the decision and why it was made and people will be happier.” – Minchinhampton pupil



All children in KS2 are part of a committee. They change their roles each year.

As ECO-WARRIORS we try to help the environment, for example we have recently picked up litter in the community and we have put up bird feeders. We have learned about making fire and making tools out of natural things.

The CHARITY COMMITTEE raise money for local and national charities, for example we have raised money for Nkokoto by selling cakes and bric-a-brac. Every year we organise Red Nose Day and events for Comic Relief, Children in Need, Save the Children and the Salvation Army.

As the LINKS COMMITTEE we learn about different countries. We’re planning a World Appreciation Afternoon where we will all learn about different cultures. We have a display showing everyone’s links with places around the world.

PLAYLEADERS help younger children play and learn new skills. We create our own games in groups and work together to entertain the children.

Our COMMUNITY GROUP aim to do whatever we can to help the local community, for example we recently went to the library to help them organise their books. Last year we visited a local residential home to talk to people and read to them.

The LIBRARIANS write book reviews to recommend books to other children. We are also trained in how to help children find a book in the library. We sometimes do assemblies, for example on World Book Day, to help everyone see how great books are. We run treasure hunts. We really enjoy it.

As NEWS REPORTERS we write for local publications like the school newsletter and Tom Long’s Post. We conduct interviews and write articles.

The WORSHIP COMMITTEEE run their own assemblies for the rest of the school. We plan it ourselves and then the whole team delivers it. We also ask difficult questions afterwards.


What our pupils say:

“I am in the eco-warriors committee and we have been learning about the bins in school and making sure that all of the classrooms have been putting the right things into the right bins.”

“I have enjoyed my committee this year so far. It is called ‘The World’ and we get to know about places that we don’t know about such as Thailand, Gran Canaria and Japan.”

“Community Committee aims to help people around you and in your area. You try to help by things like litter picking. I think this is good because it teaches you the right thing to do in your local area and for your local environment.”

“Worship Committee tries to teach other children about God and what different Christian celebrations actually mean. Irt was really good and exciting knowing that you were going to be ‘performing’ in front of the whole school.”

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