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Opportunities Culture

We recognise just how important new and interesting opportunities are for enriching the lives of the people in our school.

We look to provide a multitude of opportunities both as part of the curriculum and as extra-curricular; and including opportunities that contribute to our cultural capital; our physical and mental wellbeing; the part we can play in trying to make the world a better place; our future employment and our sense of personal fulfilment.

No education can be complete without the arts and creativity playing a central role as well as hopefully engaging and inspiring our pupils to take part in cultural activity throughout their lives. Equally no education is complete without physical activity and sport.

From writing our own books to providing children with the very best literature to read; from performing in musical soirees to going to the opera; from taking part in school shows to theatre visits; from encouraging pupils to run their own clubs to attending one of our many clubs; from sports competitions in school to inter school competitions; from working with local companies to meeting local politicians; from debating, philosophy and public speaking to helping to write the school newsletter; from being part of an ethical community committee to supporting local charities- opportunities at our school are numerous and valued. We tap into all our strengths: we use these to drive the opportunities on offer and/or to choose what we want to take part in ourselves. We want people to be able to follow up existing interests and discover new ones and to build upon their strengths.


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