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Y6 Leavers Poems 2023

Y6 A Leaver’s Celebration – 2021


Another year over and another group of children off and away into the blue beyond. We are proud of these Year 6’s, certainly as a group for what they have achieved; for their kindness and good humour; for their resilience in the face of this year’s discombobulation; for being such a tight knit, supportive unit; but most of all it is pride in them as individuals, the pride and joy there is to be had from watching young people growing into themselves. They are very fine company- interesting, interested and giving. They have fascinated and inspired us and our school will be so much the lesser without them around.

I have been at Minchinhampton long enough now that I am receiving news about how my first pupils’ careers are taking shape, let alone the next stages in their education. At this school we push ourselves to take this longer view – we like to picture our pupils at age 24 and devote ourselves to providing them now with what they will need then. We dearly hope we have played our part with these Year 6’s and very much look forward to hearing from each of them about their ‘what happened next’ in the years to come.

They are special to us, every one of them, and we wish them all good luck for the future as well as the wherewithal to make their own good luck.

Nick Moss


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