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Year 6: Class of 21

We think of Hazel as hugely original

Can we just say– what an extraordinary first book

Imogen is an empathy sponge

We think of her beautiful singing in Cyan class toilet

We think of Ben as philosophical

We all say ‘Yes- Lord Yoga.’

When we think of Sofia, we think of her humour and good will

Love the recent career shift towards leading dance troupes

Viola is emotionally intelligent beyond her years, as someone who feels wonder at the world

You are extraordinarily, already, a fine poet

We think of Devon as very personable, very artistic

Keep up the amateur dramatics and watch out for Gertrude

Isabelle is brilliant, unassuming, cherished by all who know her

Thank you for your recent care and understanding as a play leader

We think of Tom as full of vim and good humour

Keep spreading that positivity Tom-  your resilience has been remarkable

We think of Sachin as zany and chilled

What a good way to be- to see humour at every turn

We  think of Lydia as a force of nature

Moment to remember: ‘’ve got about 20 ft to go before you reach the bottom’

We think of Olivia as very artistic, laid back

What a very good friend you’ve been – to everyone

We think of Max as a fine, upstanding and rather cool young man

He’s got his head screwed on and some get up and go

We think of Gabriel as very smooth, unrufflable, gallant

Mr Ricketts has admitted to wanting to be Gabriel when he grows up–

We think of Bea as quick witted and strong minded

– that impersonation you did in the production- uncanny

Mary is such a genuine individual, she has a love of words

of song writing …..Mr Weinberger

Ike is driven, personable, exceptional

The final one in the hands dynasty –

Maisie is reflective, sensitive, a lover of horses

She has winning smile and a mature sense of humour- she will go far

We think of Millie as someone with integrity

And we think of all that physical prowess- gymnastics, dance, running, sport

We think of Martha as a sensitive gentle soul,

What beautiful poetry you write

We think of Mia as brave and determined

It was like an X factor moment when the 5/6 team realised they’d found their Toby Wonky Nosebleed

Dolly, the epitome of  flighty creativity- wonderful

Writing, performing, having ideas, stuff everywhere

We cannot think of Oscar without using words like success and transformed- and what a sweet guy- what a pleasure to have in school

We will think of him in the thick of it with his many friends or in masterful control at centre back

Olivia emanates positivity- what a joy

She has so much to give- that novel started during lockdown- amazing

We think of Joseph as hugely capable, for his grit,

We miss the hair

We think of Iris as kindness and dignity personified

She describes herself as a strong and independent woman- don’t change anything Iris..

Josh’s head will one day turn into a football

What a talented, competitive sportsman- and yet how always ready to laugh at himself

We will remember Finley for his resolve, his energy and his good humour

It’s good to see his normal ears have grown back.

We think of Noah as so good natured, funny, so well-meaning

And then came Nigel the Nookie – what a star

We know Lyra for her passionate nature

She is unforgettable, bold and great fun

Toby loves a stage, loves entertaining

Acting, singing, sport- he eats up life and takes his opportunities well

We think of Lucy as wonderfully creative as well as genial and compassionate
Cora is a true original, a free spirit and  hilariously funny-

She is also tough- she has the kind of spirit that the British Empire was built upon

Luke has slotted right in- popular, musical, sporty

They call him cheddar- – we feel fortunate to have had him

James is bubbling over with knowledge- we have to tread v carefully when giving scientific explanation

took far too much pleasure poking fun at Mr Moss in Peter Pan

Chloe is a strong personality- very sporty and determined but also reflective,

Please stop doing aerial walkovers- it’s too hard to watch

Jessica naturally put herself out and others first- always a ready smile

always diligent and what great company- a delight

We think of Konrad as gregarious and wonderfully ‘daft’- as in daft ada

What a breath of fresh air

We will forever now think of Lily with Princess Leia hair buns

For her creativity and her kindness

We think of Fred as being so sparky, so full of ideas

I’d  just like to pass on thanks from the uniform shop for all the good business you have given them over the years

We think of George as such a good egg, creative and humourous

Mr Ricketts in the production and a producer of brilliant lego animations

We think of Freya with a sparkle of energy and kindness in her eyes

There is nothing absolutely nothing luke warm about you

We think of Jack as such a good natured chap, so attentive, so thoughtful

The sun is clearly shining on Jack Williams because he doesn’t even remove that Ferrari cap in class.

We think of Oliver as thoughtful accommodating, brilliant

How understated those county running medals and that performance in the production

Noah– is determined, good hearted, sporty,

Always in the thick of the action but sensitive and kind of heart.

We think of Isaac as a confident original

As someone who pursues their dreams, as a very fine guitarist


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