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Year 3 and 4

Gloucester Waterways Trip Letter (sent out April ’23) Y3/4 Curriculum Notes – Summer Term Y3/4 Curriculum Notes – Spring Term 1 Multiplication tables check 2023 – Information for parents Year 3/4 Parent Meeting Presentation – September 2022 Y3/4 Curriculum Notes – Autumn 1 2022
Class contact:

Miss Tonner:
Mr Ricketts:
Ms Wallbridge:

How you can help at home:

  • Reading – Please engage with your child’s reading and sign off the reading record once a week.
  • Maths – Every child has a logon for My Maths. Areas being covered in the autumn term have been ‘opened’ for you to access if you wish.
  • Spelling pack – If you would like to assist your child with their spellings, please use the spelling pack we have provided you with.


Useful websites

MATHS  really useful for Y4s for times tables test
Look on Youtube for maths songs linked to times tables – have a sing song!






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