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Drop-off and pick-up times around the school are very busy and with only limited disabled and staff parking available on site, walking is the best method of getting to school.

For those that prefer to cycle in, we also have several bike racks.  These are by the top common gate and from the field gate by Cambridge Way.  The school are not responsible for the security of bikes left at school, please ensure any bike left at the school is secured with a suitable bike lock.

For those that find it necessary to drive, we have put together a map to show the best places to park near the school.  With direct access to the school available from the common, the car park behind the church is an excellent choice.  If approaching from the other side of Minchinhampton, then Cambridge Way and Dr Brown’s Road are good options with a short walk to school through residential areas.

Wherever you find to park, please be mindful of our neighbours and avoid blocking in any other cars or driveways.


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