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PTA Notice of AGM 2015

A reminder that next Wednesday 9th September is the PTA AGM at 8pm in the school library (includes pizza and Peroni). A chance to find out what we have all achieved as a team this last year whilst electing a committee to run this next year! If you’d like to stand as chair, vice chair, treasurer, vice treasurer, secretary or an ordinary committee member please complete the form on the attached and pop in the PTA box in school reception.

Please come to show your support – it would be great to have an idea of numbers to ensure there is enough food and drink – please either complete the form on the attached doc, message via school parents facebook or

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Our PTA is a very impressive outfit. Now, of course, I’m duty-bound to make remarks like this but please don’t pass off my claim as one of those head teacher platitudes. Know that I have worked with a good number of PTA\’s over the length of my career but none of them come within a country mile of our team here. What is it that makes them special? Yes, they raise much needed funds for the school- and a very significant amount at that, and yes, these funds have been well used to provide excellent opportunities and resources for the children. This is clearly the core purpose of PTA work and resources like the library, the scrap store and Woodhenge are educationally exciting as well as being intrinsic to the school\’s vision and ethos. However what sets our PTA apart is the level of their commitment; their resourcefulness and their creativity. The events themselves are often on a very large scale and/or often unique to Minchinhampton- the Fire Works and the Comedy night being prime examples. Children and adults alike love these kind of events and they also provide a focal point for the community at large. I would strongly urge you to get involved in any way you can- partly for the undoubted pleasure of taking part and partly because it represents the perfect way of supporting your school and your children. Ahead of the Fire Works on Saturday, I would like to say again, a big thank you to the PTA for all their fine work.

N Moss

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PTA meeting minutes

Tuesday 27th September 2016 Welcome and members present: Naomi Williams, Alison Hodges, Victoria Stevens, Nick Moss, Tara Patterson, Suzie Drewett, Helen Jacobs, Paul Rowley, Charlotte Lodge, Lorraine Smith, Jon McGinty, Yvonne Heffernan, Emmie Rackham Apologies:...

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