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Midnight get cooking!

We have had a very busy week in Midnight Class. The Year 1 children made their yoghurt and fruit breakfast and the Reception children made fruit salad. Everyone did very well with their cutting skills. Super chopping and slicing. The children enjoyed sitting together...

Turquoise have been out and about this week

Last week we went on a lovely trip to Slimbridge.  we didn't get a photograph of a kingfisher but we did get a picture of us seeing one for the first time! This week we have been learning more about the human circulatory system in science, presenting data in climate...

Sapphire’s recent learning

In Sapphire Class, it has been a busy few weeks. Science We have been looking at parts of a plant and how bees are vital to the pollination process.  We also set up an experiment to see how water travels through the stem. We set up beakers with water and different...

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