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Indigo being exceptional!

Indigo Class have been working exceptionally hard of late and I am very proud of them. We have been practising starting our lessons by showing SHELL (Sitting properly/ Hands in your lap/Eyes on the teacher or board/Listening/ and hopefully therefore Learning)! We have...

Cobalt’s cuddly wabbits

The sock wabbits were really fun to make.  They are really fluffy and cuddly.  Sewing the eyes was challenging – I had to redo one because it was hanging off.  After we made sock wabbits, we can make a sock creature.  These take longer because they have more parts to...

Nursery being busy bees

At Nursery we have been learning all about the life cycle of frogs and have enjoyed several visits to the school pond to see how the tadpoles are developing. We have been developing our physical skills playing and climbing outside and we have enjoyed engaging in lots...

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