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News from Cyan (Yr 3 and 4)

News From Cyan! Trip to Bristol Museum The artefact that I liked the best was the head rest as it was interesting to learn what they used for pillows in Egyptian times.  The most interesting thing in the Egyptian area was the mummies.  Sophia The best bit about the...

Turquoise Gym

In PE we have been doing gymnastics.  The picture collage shows some of the gymnasts doing our final performance.  We were looking for strength; balances (patch and point), pike, straddle and tuck body shapes; working together in unison and canon. We were pleased with...

Sapphire Class and their Learning

Sapphire Yr3/4 Science We have spent the past few weeks investigating what substances are the best to preserve apples. It’s like we are mummifying apples just like the Ancient Egyptians mummified their pharaohs. We cut three apples in half so we had six pieces. Each...

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