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Year 5/6 Turqouise: Landscape paintings of Bubblewell Valley

What our pupils say:

“I really enjoy Art. I have loved making the bird collage. I find it a really peaceful subject.”

“I enjoy Art as much as I enjoy writing. Art runs in my family blood. I think it will be my dream job when I am older. I am going to be an animator when I grow up. We did stop motion animation in Literacy and although it was challenging to get the characters in the right place, I did enjoy it.”

“I love art because there is so much you could do—there are infinite possibilities, like you could do a penguin on the moon eating a burger. ITS CRAZY.”

“I have enjoyed D.T. because I like making and building things, sewing and sawing. I LOVED making our clay ocarinas even though I hate the feel of clay. I also LOVED art this year, making rainforest animal collages. I made a tapir, a rainforest animal in Asia and South America (thank you library book).”

“Occarinas/shakers – Aztec instruments. We were allowed to design it in our own way. We have freedom. Helps us to remember it better in our own way.”

Joseph said, “We have learnt about tints and shades and dabbing.” Lucy said, “I like this style of art. I thought it would be fun to paint a big landscape. Doing it in the open air was hard because the landscape was so big and it was hard to choose what to focus on. We used viewfinders to help us do this. Also straight away we had created a shade or a tint with our colour mixing, the light would change and it would look different.” Joseph said, “It was definitely different because I‘d never done that before and it was hard because we were on the top of a hill and it was windy and cold. However it was eye-opening to go outside and actually see what you were painting.”  – Yr 6 art project 2020

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