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We are committed to fostering people’s (children and adults alike) agency/ autonomy in their own learning; trusting them by giving them the opportunity to play, take risks, innovate, imagine and question; expecting them to engage in self-reflection.


‘If you put fleas in a shallow container they jump out. But if you put a lid on the container for just a short time, they hit the lid trying to escape and learn quickly not to jump so high. They give up their quest for freedom. After the lid is removed, the fleas remain imprisoned by their own self-policing. So it is with life. Most of us let our own fears or the impositions of others imprison us in a world of low expectations’ -John Taylor Gatto.


‘I have also enjoyed the Science lessons where we mummified apples and got to see whether or not they rotted in the different substances. It was gross to see the final results! I like the fact we get to do our own experiments in class and find out the results for ourselves rather than being told them.’ Year 4 pupil 2019


‘We are given a bit of freedom / choice about when and how we learn something. i think having a bit of choice helps you learn.’ Yr 6 Leaver 2020



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