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Turquoise Class Yr 5/6

In music years 5 and 6 have learned about crescendo and diminuendo.  Using body percussion, percussion, tuned instruments and our voices we finally performed an indigenous song from the rainforests of Brazil.  It is called Hey Dumba and it is about rain in the...

Turquoise Science

In science we have been learning about the circulatory system.  It is actually called the DOUBLE circulatory system as the heart pumps twice: once to the lungs to pick up oxygen and once to deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body.  Oxygenated blood carries...

Sapphire Superstars!

English We have spent this term reading a book called Libba. It’s all about a musician from America who taught herself to play a guitar. She was left-handed so it was much harder for her. She grew up in America when segregation still existed and she had to fight...

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