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What our pupils say:

“In English, I loved doing our rap battle against the other year 3/4 classes. Mr Moss even came to watch it and be the judge. We also got to perform it in front of the whole school and that made me feel good. I think that practising performing the rapping helped me write my poem about winter.”

“The Talent show at Christmas was a lovely way to show people what we could do. I did some acting/dancing with my friend. We were pleased with what we achieved.”

“I like having a talk partner who can help me if I get stuck, and I can help if they get stuck. The talk partner system is great because you get to know what they are like to work with.”

“One of my favourite parts of this year was our class assembly because it was fun to see people love what we do and show how hard we work.”

“I have had a lot of time to try out different people as talk partners and get to know them better. I always hope that my talk partner will be another year 6 girl, but there have been some surprises.”

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