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Mathematical Mindsets


What our pupils say:

“I also like the fact that I get to go as far as I want in Maths when I am interested in an area.”

“I like five. I really like that number and I am five and the number five is everywhere. Three and two make five and four and one make five.”

“In maths the thing I’m most proud of is improving my problem solving skills.  When we first started doing Barvembers I found them very challenging but towards the end they got easier  and that didn’t just make Barvembers easier it made doing any problems easier because I learnt  different ways of using a bar model for problems.”

“I am enjoying being challenged in Maths this year as it makes it much more fun. I have loved the numbers to zero game as it makes you think and your brain fizz!”

“I like maths—I really like it.  I’m quite fascinated by it.  I’ve definitely found telling the time hard…until now.  I always thought I’d get it, but didn’t. This year I’d given up hope but it’s finally clicked.”

“I like maths because sometimes the problems are really hard. I don’t like easy questions because that makes me bored.”

“I love it being difficult….I like solving the barvembers..”

“I just like maths overall- like harder stuff but also like helping people. I prepare maths buddy work at home.”

“I like doing skills cards because I like achieving stuff. I’m very competitive.”

“Good to be able to talk through my maths…and to have the talk partner there in case you don’t understand or need to talk the thing through.”

“I like twist its and explore it’s because they are challenging.”

“I like maths buddies – helping younger children with things like their times tables. It’s difficult cos need to challenge yourself to work out how to teach it. Have found it especially hard teaching division. I try to recap myself, my understanding and how I learnt it and then think through how I will teach it. I had to break down the steps. We can do it our own way including having board games in the week and skills practice at other times. It helped my learning- I think I understand it better myself now.”

“I am enjoying it…fractions was fun….we learn songs, hinge questions can be challenging—these are basically multi-choice questions with traps to fall into. It shows the teacher why pupils are struggling. Gecko maths can be challenging—especially when you work in a group with less confident mathematicians… but I like doing this.”

“Sometimes I sit there feeling I know this… this more gives me confidence but sometimes I can get a bit bored. Usually there is a challenge in every lesson—really enjoy ‘twist its’ and ‘explore its’ because you can keep going and explore….but also nice feeling you can do it with a do it before going on the more challenging stuff.”

“In Maths – Do it, Twist it and Explore it. We get to explore solutions for problems and therefore we get to find something out for ourselves rather than being told it. It is much better. I like working with a talk partner.”

“I have struggled with Maths and find it difficult when someone just tells me. I have to be able to learn it myself in my way so I feel more comfortable.”

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