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Power of Reading

At Minchinhampton Academy, all classes use the CLPE’s approach to the teaching of reading and writing through what is called Power of Reading.

Using a range of high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry, teachers deliver lessons that are designed to immerse the pupils from day one in experiences that will help deepen their understanding of what it is to be a reader and a writer.

Before any word is put to the page, the pupils are given a variety of opportunities to talk, draw and explore the text. This ensures that the are fully engrossed in the text and therefore able to write in role later on in the sequence. There is an element of surprise to each lesson; keeping the pupils and staff on their toes.

From conscience alley, to role on the wall, to drama re-enactments, pupils will then find themselves becoming the character, writing a diary of their experiences within the text. e.g. Writing as Charles who is about to lose his precious Sophie to the state in Rooftoppers.

Writing with a purpose is at the heart of every unit. Whether that be a diary or a graphic novel, pupils have the freedom to choose their mode of expression. In recent years this has also included making film trailers or writing a chapter for our school book.

The Power of Reading approach is immediate and emotive. Every child is begging to write to their own versions of the text after all of the drama, art and musical opportunities. We’ve yet to find a child who hasn’t enjoyed this approach to the teaching of reading and writing.

Power of Reading Exemplar, Rocket Girl – November 2020 Power of Reading, Inspiration Speeches – November 2020

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