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Our school vision defines, and in turn is defined by, the way we teach; by the principles or common threads running through our pedagogy and professional development. We are all about the learning and constant ongoing development.  When you stop learning, you stop living.

“I would say that I am curious. The deeper I go, the more questions I have”
(Yr 5 Student)

We are committed to:

  • Clarity of learning, including clarity of purpose, clarity of instruction and coherence and consistency in the school’s learning journey;
  • Fostering people’s (children and adults alike) agency and autonomy in their own learning; trusting them by giving them the opportunity to play, take risks, innovate, imagine and question; expecting them to engage in self-reflection;
  • Staying responsive to needs and interests and research, including teaching which is truly formative – that constantly looks for proof of learning close to the coal face;
  • Staying responsive requires flexible thinking; the willingness to seek out possibilities, to read nuance in a situation and the openness to spot and make small changes;
  • A responsiveness that requires playfulness ‘as a state of mind – a mind in which readiness, responsiveness and an ability to recognise the extraordinary in the ordinary’ (Debra Kidd, 2015);
  • High quality relationships in the classroom, hinging on the adults’ commitment to each and every individual in the classroom. We need to be fascinated by our pupils; we need to give them the space to show us who they are and what they know;
  • Stimulating thinking including a strong emphasis on talk and on a philosophical approach to learning. We want our children to feel challenged.

Learning approaches that are explicitly and implicitly devoted to giving every child equal access to the curriculum and an equal opportunity to engage and thrive.

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