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In music years 5 and 6 have learned about crescendo and diminuendo.  Using body percussion, percussion, tuned instruments and our voices we finally performed an indigenous song from the rainforests of Brazil.  It is called Hey Dumba and it is about rain in the rainforest.  The song gets louder (crescendo) and then quieter (diminuendo) just like a rainstorm.  We performed in our classes but also in groups – the video is one of our groups performing the song.
In Turquoise class, Willow made this – sort of – bar model out of Bunchems. She said: ‘The pink represents all the people in the world who are Neurodivergent (Neurodivergent is things like autism, ADHD and dyslexia).  That’s 20%.  The yellow and orange represents all the people in the world who are neurotypical.  That’s 80%.
Percent means out of 100.  Cento per cento means hundred percent in Italian.’

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