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As some will have noticed, the scaffolding for the solar roof installation was removed recently, marking the end of a challenging construction programme delayed by the careful (time-consuming) removal of around 5,000 slate tiles (which have since been sold on for re-use), the recovery of 100s of copper nails (sold for £88 to a recycler), the complex “in-roof” installation and a busy period of solar installations generally meaning installation “slots” for the delayed work were not readily available. Nonetheless, the project is now fully generating with final commissioning works and administration pending.

• East roof installation April-May 2022
• East roof generation starts June 2022.
• West roof installation July-August 2022.
• Full system (52kWp) starts to generate in late August 2022.
• Nearly 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided by 20 September 2022!
• Excellent coordination between all parties – including the school – helping maintain a safe construction project!


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