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Minchinhampton Newsletter  

Friday 8th October 2021

At Minch school this week we have been talking about our P4C(philosophy for children) lessons in class and assembly. We had 5 fabulous classes and their representatives talking about what they have done in class. Starting with Azure class (year 2) talking about the adults’ mistakes. Azure thinks that the generation above us is destroying our world. “Why do adults like big, speedy cars?” Adults like to kill our planet to make places for our homes. Do you think that’s true?  Ending Azure’s thoughts and moving on here are a couple thoughts that Cyan class came up with.

  • Nature is a living breathing thing, killing nature is like killing a human. 
  • Do we destroy nature for fun or for no reason?
  • We need to stop hurting nature

Great points! After Cyan we had the wonderful Sapphire  class  (year ¾) with their talk about why would we be rivals with nature when we could be friends? They said no nature equals no humans, they had so many suggestions that we couldn’t list them all so we decided to put their picture at the bottom of the Newsletter. Moving on we went to Sky class (⅚) with their thoughts about why nature is important and how humans can be friends with it. 

They said the most simple but important message: don’t kill nature!! We need paper etc, get the balance right of what we use and then maybe we can save our planet. Also a biodiverse habitat is needed. Last but definitely not least Cobalt class (also ⅚) reasoned. “We have two main crises, one is nature and the other is homelessness they need to be sorted. It’s one big muddle. Building houses takes up nature and then being homeless is bad for well-being. The government need to sort this out now. We don’t have 30 years! By then we’ll have loads of animals extinct.”

 Authors say

Everybody has different points on how we can solve these problems but first we need to recognize them; Climate change, Pollution, Deforestation, Covid 19 and many more. Just think about it, have you ever paused and thought- maybe when you’re throwing something out or buying something you don’t need-how will this affect the environment? All you need to do is take the time to think.

Thank you for reading this Newsletter.

Have a bright day from; 

Sophie Hayward  and Lula-Rose Indranie 

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