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We’ve had a great start to the new school year in Royal Class and have done so much already!

In Music we have been doing Mamma Mia by ABBA. We have been doing the pulse, the beat and the singing.  We copied off the board for some dance moves too and we really, really enjoyed it! We learned so much from music and singing. The dance moves were really funny and silly because they are animals popping up and down, One of them is spinning and doing other stuff and getting faster and faster each time. One was pointing up and down on the opposite sides. Our teacher Mr Ricketts plays the guitar.

In French Madam Chard was teaching us how to say hello, how are you, bye and how old you are. We have been learning how to say our names in French. Here’s some examples of French numbers: un, deux, trios, quatre, cinq, six, and on. We learned how to say the moths of the year and the days of the week too. Some of the French words are not the same as the English words. We like French because of the cute teddy called Coco. He goes on your table when you do a good job.

In Topic we have been studying Egyptians and Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamen. We have also been doing a timeline about what we know, we are going to learn how the mummies get mummified and get wrapped in bandages. We looked at some Egyptian artefacts for Howard Carter’s story and we also looked at the things that they used for excavating stuff. We think only special people got mummified. We also did digging in the sand pit for the artefacts.  There were so many broken pieces of bowls, pots and even some cups all made out of pottery to find and put together.

In Science we have been learning about being a Scientist and doing a lot of experiments. One of them is when the hot water always rises up and the cold water goes down, Mr Ricketts put red food colouring with hot water in a cup and blue food colouring with cold water in a cup and put a laminated piece of paper on the blue one and put it upside down on the top of the red cup and then took the paper out, The red floated on the top and the blue sank to the bottom.  When it was turned over it made purple because they mixed together. We like it really like science experiments!

In English we are learning about a story page by page and that story is Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx. We are looking at the words very carefully and the pictures. In the story there’s a girl called Marcy and she is scared of the dark. Her father is called Arthur and he is an adventurer. He really, really likes being on adventures. We also did a letter that each of us wrote. It was so long and had a few paragraphs. We have been putting their feelings on paper and acting it out.

In Maths we have been learning about place value, using place holders and times tables for tens, hundreds and thousands. We have been doing the 25 times tables and the 50 times tables too by counting in them. In place value we have also used a number line to help us understand. For the place holders we were writing numbers which contain a place holder. A place holder is where you have a number and if that number is 280 then the 0 is the place holder because it holds a place were a number is not there but could be

In Computing we have been using Scratch to create our own sprites for a game project. In our project we have created a background and we made our sprites speak and glide using code to make algorithms. Here are some examples of the sprites we used: shark, crab, cat, tiger, human and dolphin and loads of others.  Here are some examples for some backgrounds: seaside, under the sea, desert, food, drinks and loads more. It’s so fun!


In Art we have been doing sketching like Howard Carter. We have also been doing shapes of Egyptian artefacts for an example a scarab beetle, Egyptian symbols and the Eye of Horace.

In PE we have been doing Gymnastics. In Gymnastics we have been doing the long sit and we have also been doing a forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, shoulder stand, arabesques and added them all together in a sequence. We’ve also learned about warming up our bodies before we exercise because muscles are like rubber bands!

By Isla and Carrie

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