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Why the world cup is controversial

While football remains the most popular sport on the planet, this year’s World Cup has been mired in controversy. FIFA and Qatar have both been criticized for corruption. There are rumours that Qatar paid as much as $ 7,000,000 to people to be in the World Cup and host it and that they paid people in their country to be fake fans for other countries- some are not happy about this. They have been criticized for holding an outdoor sporting event in a nation with a notoriously hot and humid climate. Qatar have been criticised for human  rights abuses, including lots of immigrant workers being treated badly and dying while building the stadiums in the hot weather. Qatar has some very different rules to countries in our part of the world, such not being allowed to marry the same gender. Also  women can’t work, study or travel without a man’s permission. Many people feel Qatar was a very odd place for the World Cup to take place and the decision to host it there was made for all the wrong reasons. 

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