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Sky Class by Daisy Worboys


This week in Sky class we have been computing. We have been using a programming app called Python. This app is a level higher than any programming app we have used in school before so we have had many misunderstandings but, we have managed to resolve it. For practice, in the year 5/6 google classroom, we were given already made projects that we adjusted and added on parts. Here are some things which we came up with


In the past few weeks, Sky class has been looking at air resistance, water resistance and friction. Every science lesson we have done, we have been very lucky to do an experiment every time. For the friction experiment, we used a special tool called a Newton meter which records the friction force of different surfaces. We used a shoe hooked onto the Newton meter and dragged it across a surface to record the friction of it. For the water resistance experiment and the air resistance experiment we molded an object and saw what shape fell faster. We concluded that the more streamlined the object is, the faster it falls and vice versa.    


In RE this week, we have been looking at the Hindu beliefs of reincarnation, dharma, karma, Moksha and samsara. We made illustrated glossaries and had a Philosophy for children discussion delving into the question. “What is Hinduism?” We wanted to go deeper into the questions raised about duty (dharma) and how that stretches to caring for the planet, animals as well as each other and ourselves. Moksha is the ultimate goal. It happens when a soul stops being reincarnated and is reunited with Brahman.

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