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This week we have had a few days without the noisy Y4s because they have been on their residential to Viney Hill. Because of this, the Y3s were split into 2 groups and have spent Monday to Wednesday being busy. We had a mini English unit all about mythical creatures and we focused on dragons. We started off designing our own dragon which could look like anything we wanted. Some of us chose to do mini dragons the size of butterflies and other dragons were the size of elephants! Once we designed our dragons, we had to come up with information about what they ate, where they lived and what their special powers were. There were so many ideas in our classes. We turned all of that information into a non-chronological report and wrote 5 paragraphs of information. We worked really hard and we’re pleased with what we did.
To go with the dragon reports, we made a dragon’s eye using a glass eye and clay and it was really cool to shape them however we wanted. Some of us wanted diamond shapes and others wanted flames and stars. We were impressed with how they looked. They are currently drying and when they are ready we will bring them home for our families to see.
In maths we have been practicing all of our fraction learning, making sure we can remember everything we were taught last term. We have had to remember unit and non-unit fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, finding fractions of numbers. A few of us had a go at working out equivalent fractions!
We have enjoyed being together as Y3s without anyone else. It’s been lovely to work with different classes. We’ve also enjoyed the peace and quiet!

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