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Azure Class have had a rather busy week! The children have been learning about Jackson Pollock, an abstract painter. They had great fun splatter painting on Monday afternoon and then on Wednesday they created group masterpieces on a much larger scale, squirting paint directly from the bottles! Amazingly, most of the paint stayed on the paper!
On Tuesday afternoon, the children were introduced to the Chrome Books in ICT and Mrs Saeed helped them to learn how to login. Once they had done that, they had fun doing a quiz. They are looking forward to their next session.
On Wednesday morning, the children enjoyed an extra sports session with Mr Tovey. They were a bit chilly when they came indoors, but they enjoyed the teamwork and learnt some new skills.
In English this week, the children acted as interviewers and anchors to interview the Lonely Beast. They came up with some good questions. Next they are going to write a newspaper article about the Lonely Beast.

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