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I have found all of the games that we do in PE extremely fun, especially when we play rounders and benchball.  It is fun to be on teams with people that you don’t normally work with.  Millie

In class we have been doodling penguins and at the moment we are making a flag to go Antarctica.  We have had a lot of fun and we are also learning the flags when we do it.  This is because some people have chosen to include the flags of the countries that signed the Antarctic Treaty in 1959.  Dolci

This week we listened to Abi Elphinstone and she was super inspiring.  Her new book, Jungle Drop, sounds super cool.  It was very peculiar where she gets her ideas from – for example one of her characters was named after the name of a street that she once saw and another character was called Pecksniff after a bottle of shower gel from TK Max!  Lydia

We played benchball this week and team 3 won.  There were 4 teams altogether.  My team came 3rd.  My friend’s team came first – they had a lot of players that were very good at defending and catching.  I really enjoyed the game.  Zac

For English we have been writing a motivational speech like Shackleton may have delivered to his crew when they were stuck in pack ice.  Here is an extract of mine: “Yes we are stuck, yes we are ravenous, yes we are fed up but we have a little chance.  It’s almost impossible but there is a chance.”  Seb

I really like our science project on transportation because you can design what you like and let your mind go free.  You can design whatever you want.  You have to think about how it would work for example how a flying car would propel itself in the air.  Mine is a flying car and it uses the multiple propellers around the body so it can go any way that it likes.  When it lands, it has 2 portholes that are also tyres.  The friction of these on the runway causes the vehicle to slow and the air inside them reduces impact when the plane touches down.  The colour of my car is grey with atomic red stripes.  Sachin

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