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We’ve been busy this week experimenting in Science, working with numbers in Maths, making hot air balloons, singing along to music and discussing the final pages of Journey. 

This week we made various paper ‘helicopters’ and investigated what made them fall at different rates. We noticed that the ones made from heavier materials fell in a shorter time and the lighter materials took their time to fall. Some groups also looked if the amount of wings on each ‘helicopter’ affected the fall; the more wings the ‘helicopter’ had, the longer the time it took to fall. Next week we are going to look into why that happened. 

We are doing very well with our number work. We are all confident using < > and = to compare 3 and 4 digit numbers. Some of us were a bit confused when we had to sort numbers either in ascending or descending order as we hadn’t heard of those words before. Now we know it means to go up or down in order. We’ve created actions to help us remember which is which. 

To go along with our work on Journey we have started making papier-mâché hot air balloons. We’ve only got a few layers on so they still need quite a bit of work, but we’re excited to see them when they’re finished flying through the school! 

We’ve been jammin along to Bob Marley’s music. Our favourite of his so far is Three Little Birds. We think it’s a really good song for today’s world and we love the message within it. 

Our journey within Journey is nearly at its end. This week we were particularly taken with a picture that shows the guards holding the girl back while throwing something of hers away. At first glance you could say that this picture is about a girl being held back by guards, but we went deeper and wondered if it could represent something much bigger, something that is about more than the storyline. We thought that the guards represent adults who stop children from being themselves. We like to leave you with a question – ‘Do adults lose their imagination as they get older and therefore prevent children from using theirs?’. 

We’d love to know your responses! 

One of our pupils asked an important  question of the author of Journey, Aaron Becker,  on twitter. She asked, “Do adults lose their imagination as they get older and therefore prevent children from using theirs?”  He replied, I do think adults have a hard time processing new ideas and can even find them threatening. They want kids to colour in the lines because this fits with their idea of the world.’

Written by Sapphire Class 

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