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Sports Hall Athletics

On Friday some children from KS2 went to Sports Hall Athletics. Athletics was in Stroud and the coaches were lots of secondary school who helped with all the different activities.

Here are some activities that they did:-

  • Under and over relays
  • Relays (lots of different types)
  • Chest throws
  • Javelin throwing
  • Long jumping
  • High jumping


Here are some children’s reviews:

Erin said, ‘ It was an enjoyable experience for everyone and I think we did very well. My favourite activity was relays and our team came third overall.’

Sam said, ‘I enjoyed running with other people because it made the race more exiting- it made sure that you didn’t stay in the lead all the time. My favourite activity was relay and standing long jump.’

Isaac said, ‘I loved the energy that runs through you when you are racing other people. I loved when we got are results that we came 3rd out of 18.’

Chloe said, ‘It was amazing. I hope that I can do it again and I hope all the sports events I go to are going to be the same quality as this was. My favourite activity was the relay.’

Everyone loved it there and also loved all the different sport activities that they did. We are hoping that a lot of people in our school love sports and really enjoyed the athletics this year.

Our sports teacher , Mr Tovey was the one who got everyone ready to go to athletics and we just want to thank him. We have an after school club that also gets everybody ready.

Thank you for reading my report

By Beth

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