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Dear Parents/ carers

I hope the summer was kind to you. We hope your children weren’t too disappointed at coming back to school. For myself there is rarely, if ever, that sinking ‘Sunday evening’ feeling as a term or a week in school approaches- for this I feel blessed. Certainly the atmosphere in school these first few days would indicate that plenty of people here, both adults and children alike, are enjoying themselves too. One teacher approached me at the start of Friday with the words, ‘Gosh I love this job!’ Long may it continue!
A few things for you to know as we move towards the second week:

There is a Parents Information Evening on the 10th September for Years 1 to 6 to give you a chance to meet your child’s new teacher; to find out how the class will be run and how you can help.
The Minchinhampton Country Fayre is on 14th September. We hope to see you there with passionate ecowarriors in tow – please see letter sent to parents about this.
We are looking for help on a ‘Wheelbarrow and Spade’ morning on the 28th September- whatever you have time and inclination for.
We have summarised feedback received from parents regarding hopes and aspirations for the future and have used them to build a new school vision. Please keep a look out for clips and quotes coming your way.
There is a Summer Reading Challenge assembly on the 13th September- if you children want to bring in their certificates, they are very welcome.
Our new House Captains have made a brilliant start to the year with an assembly for the school this Friday.  Please continue to check the Parent Calendar for updates and details of upcoming events.

Please note henceforth we (mainly our pupils) will publish news as it occurs and provide information about upcoming events when it is finalised, by email/ on facebook. The newsletter then becomes a skeletal depository of links to the back catalogue of news and information. Deer Park School do this and we felt ready and willing to follow suit.
We hope you find it a step in the right direction in terms of communication.
Kind regards

Nick Moss

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