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Dear Parents/ carers

Re: School Vision

In the latter half of last year, many parents gave us some really helpful insight into their hopes and aspirations for their children. As I promised we have used this feedback (along with feedback from other stakeholders including pupils, staff and governors) to help define a new 5 year vision for the school. We want the vision to inspire ‘passion’ (a vision is probably a fairly pointless thing if it can’t do this) and, allied to this, we want the vision to be about our community. Minchinhampton is the kind of place that knows its own mind and, as the local school, we want to reflect this. Our school is full of unique, fascinating individuals; it is only right that we aim for our school to be a unique and exciting place.

This time around, as part of the process, we have reviewed all key elements of school policy and practice (for example our approach to delivering the curriculum and teaching and learning as well as relationships and communication) to ensure everything is in sync with the vision. Too often vision statements are cooked up in an afternoon, turned into a poster and left dusty on a wall, while the institution rolls on very much as before. We did not want this for our school. We wanted our vision to be all encompassing and all pervasive; for tendrils from its vision statement to reach down into every nook and cranny of school life.

We aim to communicate this far-reaching vision and its implications to you, gradually, over the next few months. This term we will be releasing clips from a film we have made as well as quotes from some great thinkers and statements from the full vision document: this to give you a growing flavour of the thing. The film clips are magical- courtesy of the ever so talented Mr Bradshaw. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Kind regards
Mr Moss

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