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Thank you for all your feedback.

I have tried to pull together the common words/ phrases/ themes in the feedback we received.

In response to the question:

‘What do you want for your child by the time they leave this school in Year 6?’

What knowledge?

-Maths/ English
-following own interests and passions
-basic/ important knowledge of the world
-for self sufficiency
-of different cultures and beliefs
-self knowledge—emotional/ health/ nutrition
-putting acquired knowledge into practice/ application of
-re community—learning in and about
-that inspires love of learning
-for environmental stewardship

What skills?

-to listen, concentrate,
-social skills/ communication
-be reflective/ to help good judgement
-oracy skills
-to be able to reason and argue
-re how to learn
-creative/ lateral thinking/ innovation
-skills that support a love of learning
-for problem solving
-emotional management…mental health
-skills that support resilience and a growth mindset
-ability to express thoughts and feelings
-relaxation and mindfulness
-language skills—other langauages

What attitudes?

-kindness, politeness, respect, openness,
-empathy, fairness
-appreciation of people who look, talk, think differently to them
-enjoy and appreciate everybody in the community
-that anything is possible
-be tenacious/ that mistakes are good
-value individuality

What sort of young person do you want them to be? How can we help them to become the person you would like them to be when they are 24?

-let them dream big
-encourage them to make a difference to the world
-able to use their initiative
-be optimistic
-appreciate differences..appreciate what they have
-maintains positive relationships, is kind—tries not to judge others
-confident but not boastful
-a good citizen…a free thinker
-someone happy fulfilled positive valued
-open minded
-values connection

We have lifted some wording from the feedback and put it straight into the vision.
(Please know however that the full vision document is detailed and long and in layered so you might not spot them immediately.)

Wording going straight into full vision document:
* ‘Let them dream big’
* ‘smile a lot’
* ‘a curriculum with enough heart and breathing space’
* ‘appreciate what they have’
* ‘appreciate differences’
* ‘make comparisons to what other experience’
* ‘fascinating and awe inspiring’
* ‘learning is an exciting, enriching privilege that surprises, amazes, challenges us’
* ‘Expose them to difference’
*happy about who they are/ at peace with who they are

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