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Box woods

On Monday 13th June the entire years 5 and 6 went on a school trip to Box Woods, a nearby temperate woodland. We did lots of activities and learned about how much woodland was being cut down per second. It was a shocking discovery as 4 children marked out roughly how much.

Den Building 

After we arrived at Box Wood we split into our classes and went our separate ways. Cobalt started walking towards the Devils Elbow which you can see on this map. Once we arrived, we split into our groups and made our dens. After an hour we all finished and were happy with our designs. It was a fun activity and we hope to do it all again. 

Leaf hunting

Between break and lunch we paired up and were given a leaf hunting sheet containing about 15-20 different leafs. For some pairs it only took 10 mins to find examples of all of the leaves, whereas for some pairs it took 20 mins because we all went our separate ways all around the forest. So it really depended on where you went in the forest. It taught us about which plants like to be together.    

The Walk

In the afternoon, we went on a walk to explore the rest of Box Woods. At one point Cobalt class got lost and they had to ask somebody for directions. We went to an old bus stop and finally circled back to camp. If you look on the map, we basically walked round the left point in a big loop. After everyone got back, all of Y5 ⁄ 6 packed up and set off for the school.

All in all, Box woods was an amazing experience full of wildlife, new knowledge and adventure. All of years 5 and 6 are really grateful for the opportunity to go to a temperate woodland and we have enjoyed this topic/geography unit.       

Yours sincerely, 

Sophie Hayward, Amaya/Mimi Potten and Lula-Rose Indranie

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