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Indigo Class have been working exceptionally hard of late and I am very proud of them. We have been practising starting our lessons by showing SHELL (Sitting properly/ Hands in your lap/Eyes on the teacher or board/Listening/ and hopefully therefore Learning)! We have had lots of discussions about kindness and what a good friend is like.


In English we have been exploring the book ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge. The children remembered many of their key spellings as they re-told the Beast’s tale as if they were him. The diary extracts were imaginative and funny, everyone should be thrilled with themselves! Now we are in the middle of creating our own stories based on our own made up characters such as ‘The Lonely Mucon’ or ‘The Lonely Hedgehog’ or even ‘The Lonely Egg Shell’.


We were learning to tell the time to five minutes on an analogue clock at the start of this term and the children were growing in confidence with this. They know that they can keep practising this skill at home or whenever they see an analogue clock! Since then we have started looking at money! Money, money, money! We have been adding money and will re-visit looking at tens and ones to add (such as with 39p + 25p, working out 30+20 and then 9+5 and finally combining these totals to reach the answer).


In the afternoons the children have been planting sunflower, cress and bean seeds, sketching, listening to our dragon story, playing football, playing the recorder and playing! I hope that they will enjoy the art topic that is coming up next!

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