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These few weeks in Sky class we have been doing all sorts of things. 

In English we have been writing a motivational speech and every night we have been practising 

to learn our speech off by heart and at the end of the week we get to perform them in front of the class. I cannot wait to see everyone’s performances.

 Meanwhile in maths we have been doing amounts of fractions and ordering them in ascending order and we are starting percentages (everyone’s favourite!)                                                                

In Geography we have been plotting points on maps and have been using a compass so we can make a trail for other pairs of talk partners to follow. I think mine will be lots of fun.

 In PE with Mr T we have been doing basketball and netball, I loved it.

Meanwhile we have been doing Just Dance and crab football which is when you play football but you have to keep your bottom on the floor. In the end we did boys against girls and the boys won.

In Science we designed a vehicle that could drive in the toughest of tracks, in this case we had a muddy track that you started on. Then there was a pit stop so you could change your wheels and put wings on. Then you had to have your design special so it could float on the lake. Next you would go onto a smooth track and have a ramp at the end so the wings could slide in and glide to the other side. I’m really looking forward to finishing my design. All of our science experiments on air resistance, water resistance, friction, gravity, pulleys and catapults have made us design very scientific vehicles!

By Noah Meadows

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