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Our Curriculum – A Message from Mr Moss

We want our children growing up to be independent, motivated, strong learners. Given the speed with which the world is changing around us, it is entirely possible that many of the skills our children learn at school will no longer be applicable by the time they reach the work place; that is apart from one skill. The one really competitive skill is going to be the skill of being able to learn. We need to help produce young people who know how to act when they are faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared. In this sense the most important part of our curriculum is not the framework of knowledge and skills we teach, which of course we aim to make as interesting and engaging as possible, but the way in which we teach that curriculum and what we expect from our learners.

Good teaching for us always involves something called formative assessment.  Formative assessment is nothing new- it is what good teachers have always done. Good teachers establish where the pupils are in their learning. They identify the learning destination and then carefully plan a route to get there. Along the way they make regular checks on progress and make adjustments to the course as conditions dictate.

We need our children to take responsibility for their own learning- to understand themselves as leaners and to be constantly evaluating their learning and the learning of their peers. We want the children generating their own ideas and questions and we often take these as the starting point. Wherever possible we want them to use their initiative and think creatively, exploring different possible solutions to the same problem. We want them to be resilient and persevere when faced with a challenge.

We therefore aim to keep the learning practical and purposeful. We try to ensure the context in which the learning takes place is engaging, including making meaningful links for the children between different parts of curriculum. As one child said “our curriculum is full on and fun”.

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