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We have spent this term reading a book called Libba. It’s all about a musician from America who taught herself to play a guitar. She was left-handed so it was much harder for her. She grew up in America when segregation still existed and she had to fight against a lot of prejudices. We have done quite a lot of different writing based on this book. One of our favourite pieces to write was poetry based on railways. Libba sees trains as a representation of freedom. A lot of the class wrote poems using this as inspiration. Read a few of them below. Miss Tonner was very proud of our work. We are now writing our own versions of her story which will take us a few days to do as Libba lived until she was in her 90s!
Freedom by Kenzie
Hiding in a bush.
Will I be caught?
The ground vibrates.
Will I be caught?
Thump, thump, goes my heart.
Will I be caught?
My escape is here!
Will I be caught?
Will I be caught?
Jump up, out of sight.
Will I be caught?
Thump, thud, thump, thud.
Will I be caught?
Lying down, I catch my breath.
Will I find freedom?
Freedom by Caitlyn
Look at the track.
Look at the track.
Look at the track.
Clickety clack.
Don’t look back,
Will I be caught?
Is this the end?
I’m free, I’m free,
We are learning about The Romans and their invasion of Britain. To start the term we created invasion maps showing the spread of the Roman Army. We then learnt about the army and its structure. Here are the top 5 reasons why it is said that the Roman army was so successful in history:
1. Only the strongest and tallest men were allowed in the army. No women were allowed to sign up. If the men were declared to be not strong enough, they were not allowed to join.
2. They received the top training in fighting, building and taking down camps, swimming (to help with crossing of rivers), marching for miles and how to take orders without defying them.
3. They had the best equipment like swords, spears, shield, armour and footwear.
4. Fighting formations. They had great ways to fight together such as the testudo formation (known as the tortoise) where they would use their shields to create a shell to protect themselves from their enemies.
5. They did not accept defeat. Failure was not an option. They found it a betrayal if any of their men felt like they were going to lose a battle. If they were overheard talking in a negative way, they would be severely punished.
We have also made our own shields so that we can have a go at making the different formations that the Roman army would have used.
PE – Dance
We are still working hard to develop our Tutting skills. We are all working together to devise a routine we can then show other classes. It is not easy because we have to make sure our moves are in time with the music. We can sometimes find it tricky to move from pose to another in time with the music and our classmates. We showed a few of our moves to Mr Tovey last week and he was impressed!

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