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We have had another very busy few weeks in Royal class

In English we are learning about Elizabeth Cotten, a girl that loves playing the guitar .She plays the guitar upside down because she’s left-handed. Elizabeth stopped playing the guitar because she had a child when she was older. when she was young she liked to play her brothers guitar when he was at work. We have written letters, guitar adverts and character profiles about her and her life.

In Maths we have been doing Decimals, Money and now we are learning measures. We liked doing money in maths because it was challenging but it was easier because we could use column addition and subtraction. We hope next learning about measurement is as fun as learning money in maths.

In Reading we are reading a book called Rumaysa and in Guided reading we are chanting texts to get fluent as readers. We are currently chanting out sentences from The iron man and answering questions. In Rumaysa a girl was taken from her parents by a witch and taken to a tower that she couldn’t get out of like Rapunzel and she had a special power she could talk to animals and turn things to gold. She has just met Ayla who is like Cinderella. It’s a great book!

In Topic we are learning about Romans and we have been drawing Roman invasion maps. Soon we are going to see some artefacts on a school trip and we are going to see a place that was made by Romans. We’ve also been learning about where the Romans took over and made posters about why the empire grew because of their army.

In Computing we are making digital music on incredibox and songmaker and we publish it on Padlet and you can name it and put a little message below. You can make a song tune or just make a song up. You can like to someone’s tune and we’re really enjoying it.

In PE we do inside and outside. Inside we are doing Tutting Dancing. Tutting is where you dance with your hands. This term sport is rounders and we do it with Mr T.

In Art we have been learning about Alma Thomas we have just started though and we are already having a great time. She is very famous for her art. She makes her art out of rectangles. We love her art and it’s very colourful. We do it with Miss Tonner.

When year 4 went to Viney Hill we had an amazing time in Miss Tonner’s classroom .The whole year group was there and we could see our friends we had an amazing time while the year 4’s were away. The Year 4s had a great time at Viney and talked about it a lot when they came back!

Written by Will and Florence.

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