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Our visit from F.G.R.

A bit about Forest green rovers:

The day the Forest green rovers  representative came to Minch was an amazing day. We learnt all about the green club that had become the revolution of sports clubs all over the world. They are the first eco club to become full vegan and we are not talking about fake vegans who eat eggs, milk, and the McDonalds chicken nuggets, we are  talking about the proper vegans who don’t eat anything that animals produce and  certainly no  McChicken sandwiches!

The vegan club:

The ways that the F.G.R are an eco club are :

  • They use seaweed instead of manure to keep their pitches green and healthy,

  • They get their power from solar panels.

  • They only sell vegan food at their matches


When somebody mentions football kits what do you think of?
The Liverpool football kits with its red stretch nylon /polyester fabric  that you wear too matches,  that’s what comes to my mind, but at F.G.R they stick to their plan to become an eco football club by making their kits out of: bamboo, coffee pulp, plastic bottles and  recycled plastic. Now that’s cool!


Lots of people have seen Forest Green stadium – it’s amazing – it gets you excited to watch the match. It brings a buzzing feeling that nothing else in the world feels like and in my eyes it’s the stadium that buzzes.  They’re building a new stadium to be more ECO friendly, their new stadium is not being built until 2026 but the one they play in now for home games should fit up to 3000 people, but because of  the parking they couldn’t because they have a small one. In their new one they can fit 3000 because it’s a bigger parking lot . Even though it’s next  to the M5 .


They use the water that comes from the rain that goes into the playing  ground, underneath the playing ground  they have a massive tube that leads to a container on the side of the stadium and they reuse the water when it gets dry. The gross thing is they also use their own PEE to put on the playing field when they don’t have enough water – GROSS but it helps!

BY-Elmer H and Layla M

Our Art Project

In our Art project we have been learning about Peter Clark.

Peter Clark collage artist | Gilman Contemporary Sun Valley, ID

Peter Clark is a London based collage artist who uses a collection of found papers, which are colored, patterned or textured to create incredible collages.

In class we are learning to make our own colleges. We are going to be making animals from the rainforest. Some people are making capybaras or armadillos while some are making sloths, frogs and monkeys .


We  printed out rainforest animals that we like, then we got tracing paper and put the animal  print underneath. Then we traced it, after we did that we traced it again on the back . Then we put it on our art paper. Then with a bit of hard pressure pencil we traced it on to the art paper. Then we took off the tracing paper and drew it again because it was light with two pieces of paper . We had books and magazine and we cut out the patterns and pictures that we want then you stick it on the animal you choose.

By Elmer and Layla M

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