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In DT we had to design and build a structure that would survive a flood.  We used saws and glue guns to cut and stick our materials together.  All of the groups had to work as a team,  Before we sawed and cut and glued we had to measure our materials to make sure our materials were the right size.  Once we finished making our structures Mrs Witt put our structure in a tub and poured water on it to see if any water got into it.

It was really fun.  At the end we wrote how it went well and what we found tricky.  The team that was the best structure was made my Rory, Daisy, Seve and Effie.
By Effie and Henry
Viney Hill
When we arrived it was the afternoon and we were all excited!! We went straight to our sleeping places.  Then we were split into groups.Group 4, our group, went to low ropes which is an obstacle course.  It was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.  Next we did tunneling.  The tunnels were man made and full of water.  It was very difficult because the tunnels were dark and very small.  After that it was sausage and mash for dinner.  That evening we went for a night hike which was very muddy.  The next day it was 5.30 when everyone sleeping in tents or the chalet’s woke up. For breakfast we had cereal and pancakes.  Everyone was energetic for the activities.  Group 4 did climbing.  The wall was higher than your house, it was massive.  Everytime we got to the top of the climbing wall we rang the bell.Then we did crate stacking, it was hard and it gives you a massive wedgie!  The crates were really wobbly.  Then we had lunch time of either egg, ham or cheese sandwich, with extra bits.
After that it was navigation and we had to find little blocks hidden around the camp.  It was excellent.  Next it was team building and we had to get a bottle from a circle that we couldn’t step in without touching it.  We had to use rope and it was extremely hard.  For dinner we had shepherds pie, it was ok.  The next day we packed up for the drive home.  Before we went we did bushcraft and found lots of different plants that you can eat.  Then we learnt how to make a fire and toasted some marshmallows.  After that we did shelter building. It was annoying because the sticks kept falling down when we put them up.
Finally it was time to go home so we got on the coach and left.
By Lilith and Rory.

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