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In Year 5/6 this week we have been learning about clothes and the fashion industry, in particular about fast fashion and about how the fashion industry isn’t environmentally sustainable.  We have been making new garments from old clothes that have been donated and have even had a video call with a fashion designer!  As well as learning about fashion we have continued to learn about NASA through reading our book called Hidden Figures.
Making our clothes was so much fun!  We got to design a piece of clothing that we will wear to a fashion show.  I was in a group with Edward (he’s going to be the model), Harriet, Lyra and me.  We combined different pieces of clothes together to make an amazing garment to wear.  We had to measure the length of the model to make it fit.  We had a day and half to do it, which is a long time!  Thank you to all of the kind parents, grandparents and Cirencester College students who came in to help us – we couldn’t have done it without you.  Jack
When we Zoom called Savannah Miller about our fashion project, she talked about how her company doesn’t just focus on being eco and sustainable, they focus on responsibility.  She talked about how you have to be more than eco and consider safety precautions for the workers who are working to make the clothes.  You must make sure that the workers get a living wage.  Savannah Miller told us about her sister who is an actor and showed us some of the dresses that people have worn to the Oscars.  When they were young Savannah enjoyed making the clothes whereas her sister enjoyed acting.  Jasper
Dr Patrick Magee came to speak to us about NASA.  He is a doctor of both medicine and engineering; he is also fascinated by space and has worked at NASA.  He told us about how the American suits were completely different to the Soviet suits.  We learnt how cold it can get on Mars (-100 degrees C) and the hottest temperature on Mars is 15 degrees C.  Dr Magee told us very, very interesting things about when he worked at NASA!  Valentino

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