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So much has happened since our last newsletter entry! It has been busy, but fun!

In English, we have written acrostic poems about different types of birds like robins and wagtail. Our new book we have been learning about is a mystery at the moment but we’ve looked at a song and it is called freight train. We can’t wait to learn more about it.

In maths, we have been learning about fractions and pointless place holders. All of us have enjoyed maths. We have also done adding and subtracting fractions. I can’t wait to see what we’re doing next in maths.

In Reading, we have just finished reading pod kin it was a really good book and we’ve all enjoyed it. we have started a new book called Rumasa it’s made up of different fairy tales like Rapunzel and sleeping beauty. We have loved all the books We have read so far and we can’t wait for more.

In topic,, we have been making Forest Fire Maps and we have been creating our own forest fire maps also we have been learning topic words like primary sources and secondary sources climate campus, points and country. Now we are learning about the Romans we know they are very feisty people.

In computing We have just finished our HTML website And we have also been doing MTC maths. Two terms ago we did Scratch Which is where you make codes to make a video game?

In science, we have learned about how flowers reproduce and we’ve made flower booklets about it . we also did a wind dispersal experiment . Now we are learning about skeletons which has been fun our first lesson was naming the bones of a human skeleton.

In PE our Teacher is Mr Tovey and he’s really fun. our warmup game is chaos tag or zombie tag. we have been practising our ball skills we are also starting to do a bit of tennis which is very fun.

In DT, we have been making flood proof houses. All the groups were hard working to make their flood proof houses and it was very fun but it was also a lot of pressure. we got to use lots of fun tools we used the glue gun and mini sores for chopping the wood and bamboo pieces. A few terms ago we made our own food in school.

The School production was a huge success. We all worked very hard to make the production. The year 3 where really good at singing. someone was dressed up as a parrot and everyone thought his costume was hilarious and it made so many big laughs in the hall and we can’t wait for our next production next year.

Written by Josephine and Alice


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