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These last few weeks Cyan have been working on poetry. with some wonderful results!

Poems about Life – can you guess what they are talking about?
Life by Orla Meredith
Leaping and cartwheeling across the bouncy mat
happy laughter when I’m rolling around
Incredibly funny and always cheeky
I love watching stitch on TV.
Friends and me playing mango crazy
being really excited we never stop
because it’s so much fun.
Everloving dog so crazy and excited
never stops because he’s having too much fun.
Life dear Life by Nathan Atkins
Light flickering from the TV as we laugh and cheer.
I love Nintendo games as they flash across my screen.
Fantastically furry, my dog is white a bit tan brown
I love to walk it every weekend oh yah.
Everyone should love penguins as much as I love them.
Life by Betsy Bryan
Lying on the comfy cushion on the couch.
In their bed sleeping dreaming sweet dreams
Feeding up on their food, munching all they can.
Eating up on a bone, playing with children.
Metaphorical poems about a tree’s lifetime of seeing and hearing things.
By Daisy Blyth
The willow tree sees
wings plummeting down
to grab the treasure.
The Cherry tree sees
Big burning balls
flying through the sky.
The Beech tree hears
giggles and laughter
from far ahead.
The Olive tree hears
hooting and howling
in the wind.
By Lilith Ross
The Willow tree saw
giant elephant tusks
shooting into space.
The Birch tree sees
big square boxes
rolling on black snakes.
The Maple tree watches
big metal boxes
soaring through the sky.
The Oak tree heard
screams of horror
balls exploding everywhere.
The Beech tree hears
giggles and laughter
from down below.
The elm tree hears
cries and yelps as
fur darts across the grass
A grandpa to all
it sat alone
waiting to see something new
covered in wisdom
twisted and old
it sat alone on a hill.
Finally about an old Oak Tree!
by Effie Meadows
An ancient lonely tree
looking for a friend
among its twisted branches
a story to be told.
It’s as old as our ancestors
and has mighty wisdom
within its trunk.
by Henry Clarke
A mighty all knowing tree
as ancient as the pyramids
With writing branches swaying in the wind
The tree is abandoned and marooned
on this empty forgotten hill
With no companions as he watches the world change
he gets sadder and wonders if someone will remember him.
Someday he thinks to himself
maybe he will be lonely and barren no more.

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