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This term is whizzing by in Royal class, and we can’t quite believe that we only have two weeks left until the week we perform the production. All of the year 4 are looking forward to the production this year.

In English we have been doing the lost spells we’ve been doing poems about jackdaws and an oak tree . The class has really enjoyed doing poetry this term and we cannot wait to do more poetry.

In maths we have been doing the division method in the twist it we have been proving Colin and Coco wrong every time we have been doing it In the explore it we have really enjoyed finding the missing digits only once since they are fun but hard and the always sometimes never true but they are always sometimes that makes it really fun.

All of the class have really enjoyed swimming this term, because it’s so fun and we learn new tricks. Lots of people have really enjoyed going on the coach because they get to talk to their friends. The swimming teachers are really nice to us because we are good at swimming and we behave.

In computing we have been learning how to write in HTML to make a website about climate change and weather data to put into our graphs. We have also put on our websites a picture of our graph of how the weather temperature is rising.

For topic we have been learning about global warming how the ice is melting, and the sea is rising we made a sea ice and land ice picture about ice melting. We have gone out every day for 4 weeks to collect the weather data for the coming graphs.

In reading we have just started the legend of Podkin one ear. For the guided reading we have learnt about a Siberian tigers paper. We finished the explorer which was about three children that crashed in to the Amazon rainforest and found an explorer who helped them escape.

In Science we made a map on forest fires .And now we are going to be dissecting flowers. We made a classification sheet for animals that have a back bone and don’t have a back bone.

In PE we are travelling in different ways and getting the appropriates out and balancing on them. Mr Rickets plays music and we have to move to the beat and move how Mr Rickets says.

In assembly Mr Moss, Mr Weinberger Mr Rickets and Miss Tonner told us about esafety and how to be safe on the internet and when playing games or using social media.

We cannot wait for the rest of this term!

By Danny and Arthur

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