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In RE we have been discussing whether God is holy, loving or holy and loving.  We have read bible extracts and parables to help consider what Christian’s believe.  Enjoy reading our Kenning style poems.


Almighty nurturer

Worlds light

Eternal embrace,

Holy maker

Sin’s silencer

Heaven’s hush,

Loving listener

Joy’s journey

Love’s law

Ever Peaceful

By Olivia, Hattie & Bella



World’s weaver,

Truth’s tower,

Holiness’ helm,

Sin’s silence,

Purity’s palace,

Joy’s journey,

Peace’s port,

Life’s light,

So very bright.

By Jack, Jago, Ollie and Buddy.



God, our king

World’s weaver

Heart’s in heaven

Soul’s shelter

Honest leader,

Fearless provider

Loving nurturer

Reliable listener

Trustworthy warrior,

Loyal forgiver

Eternally generous

Humble king of kings

By Elsie, Harriet, Molly & Elmer


Heart of the world


Heaven’s heart

Hope’s harbour

Compassion’s blanket

Soul’s sun,

Sin’s silence

Holiness’ hell

Heaven’s hush

Purity’s place,

Life’s light

Truth’s tower

World’s weaver

Our saviour

By Missy and Raife



Heaven’s heart

Sinner’s saviour

Marvellous monarch

Peace protector

Kindness King

Eternal entity

Living love

Evil’s enemy

By Edward


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