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In Royal Class, it seems like a very long time ago since we were off for the Christmas break. We have done so much in such a short space of time!


In English we have been doing The Bluest of Blues and in the book we have been finding out about Anna Atkins and doing our own version of Anna’s diary. We wrote about her life as a child and we have been working on a character profile about her as a person. We have been learning about beetles on the Chromebooks, doing research and watching videos with the whole class and Mr Ricketts.


In Maths, we have been doing column addition and column subtraction. In year four it has been four-digit numbers and in year three we have been doing three-digit numbers. In the twist its we have been proving Colin wrong and in explore its we have been answering tricky problems.


Our class story has been excellent and it’s called The Explorer. It’s about a group of children who crash in the jungle and have to survive.


In Science we have been studying animals and plants and their habitats. On Friday the 19th of January we went outside, and found loads of different species of trees and bugs /insects inside different hedgerows on our school grounds.


Next is Topic. We have been learning about climate change. In climate change lessons, we have been answering surveys and looking at the results and making weather instruments to watch the weather and each day we get to record it using them.


For Music we have been practising songs for the production called Treasure Island. We have had two rehearsal times on Thursdays so far and it has gone brilliantly! Next week we will be acting in the hall.


In Computing we have been making websites using HTML which stands for HyperText Mark-up Language and Caret. It is really fun and super hard! This is my favourite lesson!


In PE, we have been getting the apparatus out and been using it to balance and travel over the equipment.  In Swimming this year everyone has been put into groups and the groups are yellow, orange and red.


In PSHE we have been doing online safety and saying if a picture is okay to put on the internet or if it is dangerous because it gives away too much information about us. We have also been doing P4C and we watched a video about Narnia and the children being crowned. This has made us want to think about responsibility and talk about it.


By Issy H and Gus S

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