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What have we got planned for this term?

This term in science we will be making pinhole cameras.  We will use Pringle tubes for ours but we learnt that you can even make them out of enormous wheelie bins.  As long as the object has a lid and is really dark, you can use it for a pinhole camera.  When we take our photos we will have to use a special liquid, heat sensitive paper and a dark room.  After the dark room we have to finish off the photos in the sun.

We started our new topic with some map work and it was fun to find all the places that we have learnt about on a world map.

We have been reading Journey to the River Sea.  There’s a girl called Maia and at the start of the story she is an orphan living in a boarding school for girls.  Then the head teacher tells her that they have found some of her cousins that live in the Amazon and she is going to go and live with them.  With a governess called Miss Minton, she travels to the Amazon to meet them.  On the boat they met a boy called Clovis who is part of a travelling theatre.  We are curious to see what happens next.

Layla, Dottie and Elmer

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