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Green white and violet stand for Give Women Votes.

  Suffragettes. Suffragists. Female rights.

In Year 5 / 6, we have been learning about the female rights activists -The Suffragettes and Suffragists(The Suffragettes were violent, the Suffragists were not!). To help us learn about their amazing feats, we have been reading a very informative book called The Suffragettes-The Battle for Equality by David Roberts.

Some of the most notable Suffragettes and Suffragists were:

Emmeline Pankhurst (who I expect you have already heard of.)

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

Lady Constance Lytton

Charlotte Despard

William Ball 

Henry and Millicent Fawcett

And here are some of the most notable, and perhaps surprising, anti-suffragettes:

Herbert Henry Asquith-the Prime Minister at the time

The Duchess of Montrose

Winston Churchill

Even Queen Victoria

As our knowledge grew, we were beginning to plan and write our own speech about female inequality. The video is of one of our many amazing speeches.

As our final piece of work from this topic of English, we were asked to write up a speech about a subject/thing that we are passionate about. Some people chose football, some Harry Potter, some chose ice cream, there was one about a cute dog called Bella , one about racism towards German people since World War 2 and one about how there should be more equality between male and female rugby players (that was mine).  There was a competition of some of our ninety plus students. Sadly, we could not hear all of them, so two from each class were presented to Mr Moss.

In my opinion, this was a very interesting unit. This has really inspired me to campaign for the things that I believe are wrong with our world. I hope this has informed you enough about what we have been doing in English.

By Minnie Jones, Year 6

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