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A visitor in Yr 5/6

Written by Poppy and Harriet

Last Friday, Lucy Beresford came in to talk to all of y5/6 about her job at SLG Brands. They make new brands of beauty/ self products but most importantly they use 100% recycled plastic. She has been working there for nineteen years and she showed us photographs of her office-  it looks amazing! They have scientists that work on finding new ways of using and re-using different materials for packaging. We learnt the term ‘circular economy’. The shampoo bottles were once mark cartons.
Lucy also talked to us about the importance of keeping micro-plastic out of the bottled products and enjoying products that don’t harm the environment. She is very passionate about helping wildlife and at the end of her talk, she let us have a class vote to adopt an animal from the Galapagos Isles. We look forward to finding out more about our animal later. We also got to take a bottle of shampoo home with us too! What a treat! Thank you from all of us.

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